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Flood Insurance

A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mud flow. Flood Insurance is NOT covered under any Home Insurance policies. In 1968, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to help provide a means for property owners to financially protect themselves. The NFIP offers flood insurance to homeowners, renters, and business owners if their community participates in the NFIP. Participating communities agree to adopt and enforce ordinances that meet or exceed FEMA requirements to reduce the risk of flooding.

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Renters Insurance

Unlike other home insurance policies, Renters insurance only covers your personal property and liability unless other coverage is added. It is important to review your policy with a licensed agent to make sure all your exposures are covered.

Homeowner's Insurance

Rebuilding your home from Fire, Wind, Hail, Lightning and Water Damage are just some of the coverage that can be found in Homeowners Insurance. There are many other risks and optional coverage to protect you and your investment. 

Condo Insurance

With most Condos the owner is typically responsible from the walls in. This means the associations master policy will cover the exterior of the building. However every master policy is different and should be reviewed by a licensed insurance agent.

Mobile Home Insurance

Much like a standard homeowners insurance policy but has flexibility in the coverage you can select.  It is best to go over this coverage with an licensed agent that can help guide you through the selection process.

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